Aplication procedure

Step 1: Please read carefully the Who Can Apply section to find out:

  • Are you eligible for the NOVA DOMUS Scholarship programme?
  • Which Target Group do you belong to?
  • Which types and level of mobility are available to you? PhD and Post-doc.

Step 2: Please review the list of Fields of Study to find out if the research plan/stay you are interested in is in the thematic fields of the project.

Step 3: Select the host university you are interested in and review their academic offer and make contact with them if necessary.

Step 4: Review the Academic Offer section of this (NOVA DOMUS’s) website to find out about the possible mobility duration.

Step 5: Collect all documents that need to be uploaded and sent by e-mail. 


- Learn about the application process, by reading the application guidelines carefully (LAST NEWS) 
- Collect all required documents 
- Take enough time to prepare an effective cover letter 
- Do a spelling and grammar check of your documents 
Check if your documents are signed (where applicable) 
- Make sure you have all documents in English (or another required language) 
Upload scans of the documents in .PDF file format 
- Keep the originals of your application documents: you will need them if you get accepted 
Have someone to look over it once more! 
- Send your application with all required documents. 
Your application will pass through an Eligibility Check to see if it satisfies the eligibility criteria before the end of the week if possible. After passing this check, the application will then proceed to the Assessment of the Selection and Recognition Committee.

Step 6: The home and host universities will be notified of the final selection of scholarships, and the host universities will approve this final selection.

Step 7: The Coordinating University will issue Nomination Letters via email to the successful candidates. The candidates must accept or reject the offer of scholarship within 7 days.

Step 8: Accepted scholars will have to sign a Scholarship Agreement specifying all rights and obligations related to the scholarship. Then the host university will start the admission procedures for their future scholarship holders and send the scholars an Invitation Letter for starting the visa application procedure.

Step 9: When the selection and admission process has finished, the unselected applicants and candidates included in the reserve list will be notified about the final results.

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