I haven't received my IELTS or TOEFL, or other score yet and won't be able to upload this document before the deadline of this call. What should I do?

As regards language skills, it will be required to communicate in English adequately.

English language proficiency at Brown University

Under the new regulations, the State Department requires that J-1 sponsors verify that J-1 exchange visitors have sufficient English fluency to:

Perform their J-1 activities or complete their academic program;

Navigate daily life in the US;

Read and comprehend program materials;

Understand fully their responsibilities, rights, and protections; and

Know how to get help if needed.
If you don't have all required documents now, please get in touch with your respective host university. If the host university exceptionally agrees that some documents can be sent after the deadline, this email conversation should be copied & pasted and uploaded as an explanation, together with any supporting documentation of language proficiency or certificates of local tests that you may have already taken. If your application is successful, you will be conditionally accepted and you will be given a certain deadline in order to submit the missing document.

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